Real time, global shrimp production data

Through our cloud-based platform InsightSPHERE we detect shrimp farms and monitor their activity in real-time, year-round.

What you get

Cloud-based platform with production related data. Global and local scale information; current productivity, pond activity, disease outbreaks, tracking of production cycles, and production forecasts are some of the benefits with InsightSPHERE.

How it works

  1. Collect – We gather high-resolution multispectral satellite images from a multitude of data sources in addition to ground correlation data
  2. Analyze – With our computer vision, proprietary machine learning algorithms, and our satellite image processing capabilities we continuously analyzes the data
  3. Provide – You get access to the analyzed data by logging in to the InsightSPHERE platform, either on your computer or via your mobile phone. Our dashboard provides you with the valuable information you need to make key decisions.

InsightSPHERE Snapshot

Through our product InsightSPHERE Snapshot we map areas of shrimp farms, and we deliver snapshots with detailed information. We can do snapshots of any location. The update frequency of the snapshots is dynamic and we tailor it to every need, from every five days to a quarterly basis.

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