Solution for the shrimp production industry – InsightSPHERE

Shrimp farming is an industry that is rapidly growing. It is difficult to gather accurate information about increase and decrease of shrimp production, shrimp pond locations, disease outbreaks, and stock health. Shrimp farming is a black box.

How it works

  1. We gather high-resolution satellite images from a multitude of data sources
  2. Our AI-driven platform continuously analyzes the gathered data
  3. You log on to our platform either on your computer or via your mobile phone and get access to a dashboard that provides you with key decision making information

How you will benefit

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Better prepared when negotiating price
  • Accurate control of shrimp farming
  • Reduced environmental and carbon impact

What you get

  • Pond identification and mapping
  • Overview of active & inactive ponds
  • Historical development of ponds
  • Overview of shrimp stock production cyclus

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