Dynaspace – Advancing Aquaculture Transparency

Space technology meets aquaculture.

Dynaspace advances the transparency of aquaculture by utilizing satellite imagery to provide a cloud based platform with the most comprehensive map of aquaculture operations. This empowers farmers to gain access to the resources they need to ensure environmental and sustainable production.

Aquaculture is the food source and livelihood for billions of people, and is rapidly growing.

Aquaculture is key to solving the human kind’s food problem as our population reaches byond 9 billions by 2050. Aquaculture production reached another all-time record high of 115 million tonnes of farmed seafood produced, valued at EUR 221 billion in 2018 (FAO).

The aquaculture industry is facing huge challenges with its own scale, sustainability and primitive production methods.

There are millions of square kilometres of ocean and land surface with aquaculture operations, making it impossible to track key production data and environmental impact, ensuring that millions of farmers gain access to the resources they need to empower environmentally and sustainable production.

By using space technology we are solving global data gathering challenges, advancing aquaculture transparency.

We believe that space technology can leapfrog the aquaculture industry with unique reliable insights and contribute to environmental and sustainable production for generations to come.

Real-time insights with Dynaspace.

By using computer vision, proprietary machine learning algorithms, and Dynaspace’s satellite image processing capabilities, Dynaspace is able to detect aquaculture operations and monitor their activity in real-time, year-round.

What you get

Cloud-based platform with production related data – named InsightSPHERE. Global and local scale information; current productivity, pond activity, disease outbreaks, tracking of production cycles, and production forecasts are some of the features available within InsightSPHERE.

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How it works

  1. Collect – We gather high-resolution multispectral and radar satellite images from a multitude of data sources.
  2. Analyze – Using our computer vision, proprietary machine learning algorithms and satellite image processing capabilities, we continuously analyze terabytes of data.
  3. Value Add – We provide this analyzed data through our platform, accessible via computer/desktop, mobile device and database API access. Our dashboard provides valuable information to optimize your decision making.

Aquaculture benefits

Dynaspace turns raw data into actionable insights through our cloud-based platform InsightSPHERE. Our insights enable global environmental and sustainable monitoring, directs suppliers of carbon-neutral feed, life improving technology, renewable energy and antibiotic-free health products to farmers, and helps governments to effectively improve food security and resource utilization. InsightSPHERE technology can leapfrog the aquaculture industry by improving farmers’ access to financial and insurance products by providing the critical data needed to de-risk investments.

Our Vision

Our vision is to drive sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry by using space technology to provide unique insights and contribute to environmental and sustainable food production for generations to come.

Our Team

Founded at the University of Bergen, Dynaspace is an award-winning Norwegian startup with drive and passion for space technology and sustainable aquaculture.

Hogne Andersen
Co-founder & CEO

Mats F. Heigre
Co-founder & CTO

Our Investors

VIS contributes to solve challenges in our society efficiently, making sure that knowledge and ideas quickly turns into benefits for the society at large. VIS works with technology transfer and commercialization on behalf of a number of research institutions in the Bergen region.

Hatch is the world’s first sustainable aquaculture accelerator program seeking to find, develop and scale disruptive aquaculture startups. Hatch believes in a sustainable aquaculture industry capable of meeting global demand.

Our Supporters

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