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“Dynaspace is an innovative and highly skilled team delivering accurate satellite data. Together we’re building a solid relationship that we believe will provide practical solutions to current needs.”

Neil Wendover – Aqua Global Strategic Dir.

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Aquaculture is the solution to provide sustainable food for +10 billion people

The key is to invest in aquaculture for producing nutritious and sustainable food. 

The industry has a huge growth potential. Valued at EUR 252 billion in 2019 and projected to grow to EUR 334 billion by 2027.

Fragmented market with low transparency!

The market consists of more than 20 million people spread across the globe that struggles to get updated and validated information to promote efficiency and data management. 

Monitoring aquaculture is complex and covers vast areas, making it a struggle to have updated and validated information.

Satellite observations enables global and up-to-date actionable insights

We’re making it possible to monitor millions of square kilometers of ocean and land surface, providing updated and accurate information, enabling data-driven decision making and transparency.

It’s time to turn aquaculture into a data-driven industry to increase efficiency and reduce natural resources usage.

Dynaspace turns raw data into actionable insights to optimize your decision-making process by enabling access to accurate and up-to-date information.

We can look into the past as well as the future

Do you want to monitor every pond to track past-performance or look into the future with the power of forecasts?

We gather high-resolution multispectral and radar satellite images from multitude of data sources, identifying aquaculture operations and continuously analyze terabytes of data to provide you the best insights – via API or our cloud dashboard platform – InsightSPHERE.

You’ll get access to accurate real-time global market insights and forecasts

We provide analyzed data through our cloud-based platform, accessible via desktop and API to optimize your decision making process. 

Become fact-based and data-driven by analyzing validated information to improve your efficiency and increase sustainability.

Check out what kind of information you will have access:

It’s easy to use – both the cloud-based dashboard and the API access

If you’re part of a business or tech team, from a small company to an enterprise and need access wherever and whenever – we got you covered with our 24/7 product access!

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Satellite observations enables solutions to global challenges

Our vision is to drive sustainable growth by maximizing the benefit of satellite observations to positively impact the environment and food production for generations to come.

Award winning startup and an international team thinking outside the box Earth

In 2018, we started in Norway’s Silicon Valley of the Sea – Bergen, with the blue-sky idea to maximize the potential of Earth observation by organizing global food production information and contribute to healthy, clean and safe food for everyone.

Hogne Andersen
Mats Heigre
Vedaansh Bhargava
Commercial Officer
Olivier Cloux
Data Scientist
Fabricio Mota
Deborah Santucci
Front-end Developer
Seok Bin Kaw
Henrik Skogmo
Software Engineer

We’re recruiting talents from all around the globe!

Together we will drive the blue revolution by using satellite technology while creating a unique culture that encourages people to positively impact and inspire future generations.

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