Mission Planning, Analysis & Design

Together we define your mission according to your needs. We handle mission planning and provide you with a detailed timeline and step-by-step procedure to execute your mission. We find the optimal satellite platform, launch provider, and ground station operator to provide you with a complete, time, and cost-efficient solution. In addition, we can provide you with payload development support through our partners .

Compliance, Licenses & Insurance

We make sure to obtain all the necessary licenses and approvals to comply with regulations required to launch your payload into space. We also offer insurance schemes for the payload, launch and mission operation.

Assembly, Payload Integration & Testing

In cooperation with our industry partners we assemble your optimal satellite platform. We then carefully integrate your instrument into the satellite platform, and perform comprehensive test campaigns to ensure your payload is certified and ready for space.

Booking, Shipping & Launch

We book your launch using one of our launch provider partners, make sure the satellite is safely transported and integrated into the rocket, and finally launched into the desired orbit.

Mission Control Operation & Data Acquisition

Once your satellite is in orbit, we track it and handle the commissioning phase. Throughout the mission lifetime, we verify and maintain the health of the satellite, detects, identifies and resolve anomalies, and reconfigure and command the satellite as needed. Through a global ground network we provide you with high-bandwidth, secure, and reliable real-time data acquisition from anywhere in the world. At the end of the mission lifetime, we mitigate space debris by safely de-orbiting your satellite.