InsightSPHERE Frontier Program

You will benefit and get an edge with up to date information:

  • Get full insight monthly into local production activities in any chosen
    • Active and inactive
    • Stocking and harvesting
    • Intensities and distribution (extensive and intensive)
    • Active farming area
    • Productivity
    • Treatment ponds

As a partner in the InsightSPHERE Frontier Program, you will have access to our premium services at a discounted plan. You will be assigned a customer success manager who will help you get the most out of the service.

As a part of the InsightSPHERE Frontier Program you receive 12 months access to:

InsightSPHERE Snapshot+

  • Monthly production overview snapshots (#ponds, active/inactive, intensive/extensive, treatment, total farming area, active farming area, daily productivity) of an area of your choosing
  • Data guaranteed within 2 weeks
  • InsightSPHERE annual report of production history
  • Exclusive access to the newest features
  • Priority email support (response within 24 hours)

Added bonuses: 

  • One extra free snapshot of your choosing
  • Discounts on additional snapshots during the Frontier Program
  • Monthly customers success meetings with the InsightSPHERE technical team on demand
  • “Blue Revolution Space Pioneer” badge
  • 10% discount on Snapshot+ first year after end of Frontier Program
  • Exclusive InsightSPHERE Frontier Program discount (12 months at -35% discount)

12 Months Frontier Program Access: 

InsightSPHERE Snapshots+€699 / month
Added bonuses€69 / month
Total value€768 / month
Frontier Program discount-35%
Your price€499 / month