About Us

Dynaspace is a private Norwegian company, that uses satellite images, machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide timely and rich insights that help shrimp farmers and shrimp production industry to gain advantage and maximize opportunities.

Our Team

Hogne Andersen
CEO & Co-founder

Mats F. Heigre
CTO & Co-founder

Morten Ansteensen
Lead Business Developer

Our Investors

VIS contributes to solve challenges in our society efficiently, making sure that knowledge and ideas quickly turns into benefits for the society at large. VIS works with technology transfer and commercialization on behalf of a number of research institutions in the Bergen region.

Hatch is the world’s first sustainable aquaculture accelerator program seeking to find, develop and scale disruptive aquaculture startups. Hatch believes in a sustainable aquaculture industry capable of meeting global demand.

Our Collaborators