Dynaspace is a private Norwegian company founded in 2018. It began with the ambitious idea of providing easier access to space through small satellites. Through Dynaspace, making full use of and derive the benefits of space becomes easy, fast, and affordable. We are a space 4.0 company!

Dynaspace is not only a company providing technical solutions to the space industry. We are people, passionate about the environment, education, and sustainability in all aspects of the society – We are Dynaspace!

Meet the Team

Hogne AndersenMats HeigreMorten Ansteensen
Co-founderCo-founderLead Business Developer

Our Investor

VIS contributes to solve challenges in our society efficiently, making sure that knowledge and ideas quickly turns into benefits for the society at large. VIS works with technology transfer and commercialization on behalf of a number of research institutions in the Bergen region.