DYNASPACE announce new board members and team expansion

November 22, 2021

DYNASPACE, a Norwegian startup that enables valuable insights for the aquaculture industry by using space technology, today announced the new board members and team expansion. The new board includes Tanja Hoel, Johan Odvar Odfjell, and Tor Ole Rognaldsen, highly skilled professionals while the team expanded in technology and marketing positions.

“We are thrilled to expand our board and team with new members who will join us on our journey to provide unique insights and contribute to environmental and sustainable food production for generations to come,” said Hogne Andersen, DYNASPACE CEO and Co-founder.

Tor Ole Rognaldsen, Head of Venture at VIS, has been part of the startup board since 2019. “In the last three years, VIS has invested in 2 of 400 companies that we have attended in our incubation program every year. One of these is DYNASPACE, which says something about our faith in the team and their vision”, said Rognaldsen.

Joining forces as the chairperson of the board, Johan Odfjell, Director at Planet 9 Venture, has a nautical and business background from the maritime sector. He has held numerous operational positions internationally within tanker shipping. Johan also invests in startups and venture funds within the ocean, life science and renewables with a geographical focus on the Nordic and Silicon Valley. “It’s fantastic to see that DYNASPACE can attract highly sought after international talent. This demonstrates that the company is providing a strong value proposition and value to the industry”, said Odfjell.

DYNASPACE also welcomes Tanja Hoel, Director of Business Operation at HATCH. “Seeing how DYNASPACE can use satellite technology to understand better and monitor the impact of aquaculture production on aquatic systems is key to ensuring the industry’s substantial long-term growth”, said Hoel, who’s currently looking for support technology development with sustainable impact for stakeholders in aquaculture industry as Director at HATCH.

The DYNASPACE team has grown in technology, attracting Henrik Skogmo and Oliver Cloux, as Software Engineer and Data Scientist, and in marketing, attracting Fabricio Mota, as Marketing Specialist. DYNASPACE is currently looking for talent in front-end development and sales to improve customer experience and continue advancing in different markets, while improving transparency in the aquaculture industry by using space technology to get stakeholders’ valuable business and sustainable insights through data management.

  • Join the team - Commercial Officer & Business Developer

  • DYNASPACE join the panel to discuss supply chain transparency